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Welcome from the Executive Headteacher        

 “It takes a village to raise a child”, this African proverb reflects our belief at the Academy.  Our children develop into the very best version of themselves when they have access to multiple positive influences working together with a common aim, the children.
We have a duty to work alongside, parents, carers, community groups, governors, public sector and private industry to enhance children’s lives. Nurture and direct them so that they can one day stand proud in the community, make a contribution and break through the barriers to become socially mobile. 
As a community of like-minded individuals, we strive to provide a curriculum that enables children to achieve, experiences that make children more interesting and opportunities to grow as a person. 
It is my firm belief that the habits we develop when we are young and the values we inherit whilst we learn, will be the foundation for future success. Reliable, honest, kind, hardworking and respectful are all traits we want to see in our children. Traits that make us proud, traits that enhance our community, traits that make us successful.
Eight years ago, we introduced our VALUED ethos. The vision we wished to attain, for our students to have the skills to be Versatile, the opportunities to exceed their own Aspirations, the knowledge to be Learned, the empathy to be Understanding, the enthusiasm to be Engaged and the encouragement to be Determined. This vision still holds true today as it did back then. 
Chantry Academy is at the heart of the Chantry “village” a position in the community we are proud to hold. 

Craig D'Cunha

Craig D'Cunha
Executive Headteacher

                                       Skills Builder Bronze AwardMusic Mark

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