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The Student Commission

Who are we? 
A group of students from years 7 to 11 who work with teachers across the school.  We have been chosen by our teachers based on our ability to be honest, reflective and dedicated to improving the learning experience in lessons for all students. 

The Student Commission

What are our aims?
To work as a collaborative group of students and teachers working together to talk about our curriculum and how we can help all students engage and learn better.

To work with teachers to research new approaches, trial different approaches/strategies and discover which ideas work best for Chantry Academy students in different subjects.

What are we doing?
We have chosen the curriculum area which we would like to work with –for different reasons – we love it, we want to be challenged in it, we want to find it easier, we want more students to be engaged in it, we get on well with the teacher.  Some of us are developing a research project to identify what strategies can improve engagement and learning in our chosen curriculum area/class.  Click the link to find out about our projects.

We have learned about different teaching methods and research into approaches to learning e.g.: the impact of cognitive load; the benefits of oracy – using talk to learn; what supports learners of different abilities; the importance of and barriers to reading.

We are learning about different ways we can learn whilst developing excellent communication skills so that we are ready to impress and excel in college and employment.

What we enjoy about our role?

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Student Commission

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