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Teaching Staff emails

These email addresses should only be used by students to contact their teachers in the event of a school closure.

Mr Adehokey
Miss Alway
Mr Ankin
Miss Bailey
Mr Barnard
Mrs Barrett
Miss Bevan
Mr Cartwright
Mrs  Collin
Mr  Cornforth
Mr Craven
Mrs Dowsing
Mrs Doyle-Benham
Mrs Finch
Miss Fox
Mrs  Francis
Mr Greenwood
Mr Hammam
Mr Hani
Mr Hanson
Mr  Hanson
Mr Hayton
Mr Helm
Miss Hendin
Mr Howard-Franks
Mr Jones
Mrs Kaminska-Smith
Mr  Lake
Ms Leaning
Mr Lincoln
Miss Lincoln
Mr Lockett
Mr Longhurst
Ms Mansfield
Ms Marchant
Miss May
Miss   Mayhew
Ms McArdle
Mrs McKay
Ms Moon
Mr Moseley
Mr Nayler
Miss O'Neill
Mr Page
Miss Pettman
Mrs Phillips
Mr Potter
Mr Power
Miss Quinton
Miss Ruddock
Miss Sanchez-Ignacio
Ms Shafiq
Mr Smith
Mr Swift
Mr Temple-Cox
Ms Tshuma
Ms Vale
Ms  Van Wezel
Mrs Watson
Miss Wilson
Ms Yucel