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Relationships and Sex Education Policy

PDF icon  Relationships and Sex Education Policy

Reponses to our annual RSE Parent Consultation

Is there anything we are not covering that you think we need to address?

Online dangers. Who to talk too if you can't go the family or friends.

This is currently part of the IT curriculum and is covered by extra assemblies. It is also part of the iCan curriculum looking at 'Risky behaviours'. Students are told who to talk to within school for support and we work with parents and carers to support the needs of all our students.

What is ‘Grooming’?

This is covered by our IT curriculum.

More sexual/emotional education at an earlier age. Money management, basic real-life skills

We review the curriculum annually and if a need arises earlier than we can tailor our provision. Money management and life skills are currently delivered in iCan and within the wider curriculum.

Mental health and hormones in young people

Mental Health training for students is delivered in Year 10 by Student Life. Mental Health and well-being lessons are delivered as part of iAm and iCan lessons to the appropriate level. If extra support is needed this is often delivered via our Pastoral Team.

What about the importance of healthy debate within a community that may not necessarily agree with one another on all topics.

Healthy debate is part of all discussions at Chantry Academy. Students are taught that they can have a view, but that view can be challenged.

Perhaps more on gender identity?

Gender identity is taught in general terms to all students and it is returned to annually. Students who have any additional needs are referred to the Pastoral team.

There could be some benefit to reviewing basic social skills, as certain years have missed pivotal points in their development i.e. conflict resolution, formatting emails, engaging with others, basic greetings.

Skills for Life are taught via our iCan curriculum. Manners and social skills are delivered throughout the academy and reinforced via our VALUED ethos.

Drugs? The effects of them? County lines and risk of joining gangs?

Drugs are taught at a age appropriate level. County Lines and Gangs are also covered in our iCan curriculum as well as through assemblies and extra intervention from outside agencies e.g. police when needed.

The balance of options of choosing to say no and abstaining.

All options are discussed which include abstinence

Life skills would be useful, and ways of communication i.e. sign language

These are covered via some extra curricula activities but are added when possible.