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Jammin' with the authors

As part of the recent Library Fortnight and Chantry Book Jam, a number of Chantry Academy students from Years 7 and 8 enjoyed visits from authors Megan Rix and Sophie Green.  Chantry Academy also hosted a creative writing workshop from author Beverley Birch for some of our Year 7 students and welcomed a number of Year 6 students from a local primary school too.  Students found the sessions engaging and inspiring and it was an extremely enjoyable week of fun and activities. 

It was also nice to know that our visitors had just as much fun, with Megan Rix commenting “From the moment I arrived, Chantry Academy has been extremely welcoming.  Students have been polite, engaged, asked lots of questions and have been enthusiastic.  It’s been a delight.”  Sophie Green added to this by saying 'It was a real pleasure visiting Chantry Academy for the Book Jam to talk about writing books and the history of detective fiction - not only because it has such a beautiful modern library at it's heart and loads of enthusiasm for storytelling, but I got such a warm welcome from the students and staff that when the bell rang at the end it was hard to leave.'

To end a fantastic week the Chantry Book Jam event ‘Jammin’ with the Authors’ took place on Saturday 23 November at Chantry Academy.  Author and comedian James Campbell spoke to two amazing Book Jam authors, William Grill and Sophie Green, in front of an enthusiastic audience.  It was a fantastic show with lots of laughs and interesting conversation with James and Sophie, and fantastic illustration advice and demonstrations from William.  This was followed by book sales and signings and there was a wonderful atmosphere with lots of fun had by all! 

There have been lots of valuable and motivating lessons learned by many enthusiastic students - it has been truly inspiring!

Jammin with the authors