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EAL Resources**  Latest News - This is just a small selection of the resources we have available for our EAL students.  Our library selection includes multilingual books and dictionaries as well as accessible texts for our students, which we are adding to and updating on a regular basis.  Please speak to Mrs Finch if you need any support choosing resources.  **

Welcome to the Chantry Academy Library and our fantastic, friendly and welcoming space in the new East Wing of the Academy.

 Reading is a passion at Chantry Academy and we actively encourage a whole school reading ethos.  There are regular fun reading events, challenges and promotions for everyone to get involved in, including Library Fortnight, Read Your Timetable, World Book Day and interactive workshops.  Students have also enjoyed exciting and inspirational author visits, workshops, and thought-provoking presentations and we have welcomed Megan Rix, Grant Strong, Beverly Birch, Ann Hayton, Mai Black and Sophie Green. 

The Library has a team of Student Librarians and Ambassadors, as well as Duke of Edinburgh volunteers, who assist in the Library at break and lunch times learning and developing a variety of skills and assisting their fellow students.  We offer many extracurricular activities including mindfulness colouring, a lively and interactive book club as well as a vibrant after school ‘Manga Mayhem’ Club.

The Library is open to all students during morning break allowing the opportunity to exchange resources, read, study, complete homework or simply to enjoy some ‘quiet time’.  The library is open to all students for a short while before and after school and is accessible to Year’s 10 and 11 during lunch break for quiet study.  There are timetabled Library Lessons throughout the school day for Key Stage 3 classes which are linked in to lesson content as well as inspiring and encouraging a love of reading. 

If you need any help or inspiration choosing your next read or even if you are not sure where to begin, please talk to Mrs Finch our enthusiastic and helpful Librarian who is very happy to assist.  Make sure to let Mrs Finch have any Library related comments, suggestions or recommendations too!   

With thousands of exciting, informative and inspiring books to choose from there is something for everyone, so why not come and pay us a visit!

We look forward to welcoming you into the Library soon!

Library Opening Library Opening
Library Library

As part of Library Fortnight students from Years 7, 8 and 9 enjoyed a visit from author Sophie Green.  Students found the sessions engaging and inspiring and it was an extremely enjoyable morning encouraging a love of reading and creative writing.  Thank you Sophie.

Sophie Green

We also had a visit from local poet Mai Black  and a small group of Year 8 and Year 9 students were able to take part in fantastic poetry/history workshops.  Thank you Mai.

Thirty Angry Ghosts Mai Black

September Book of the Month

The Black Queen by Jumata Emill

Book of the Month


Lovett High is a school divided on the lines of race – the white kids outnumber the rest and they’ve never had a Black homecoming queen.  Until Nova Albright.

Nova is bold and beautiful and she refuses to step down for the popular and entitled Tinsley McArthur.  So when Nova is found dead, all fingers point to Tinsley – including that of Nova’s best friend Duchess.

Duchess is determined to get justice for Nova, even it means befriending Tinsley to find proof. But as the pair begin to investigate, secrets about their small town start to surface – secrets that could change everything.

Told in dual perspectives, this is a dark and twisty YA murder mystery.   A complex, riveting and thought provoking ‘whodunnit’, this novel deals with sensitive and challenging topics (potential trigger warnings).